Labs Index

School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication

  • 3D Studio (Andrew Scott)
  • Animation Research Lab (Eric Farrar, Todd Fechter, and Sean McComber)
  • ArtSciLab (Roger Malina and Cassini Nazir)
  • Creative Automata Lab (Paul Fishwick)
  • Cultural Science Lab (Max Schich)
  • Emerging Gizmology Lab (Dale MacDonald)
  • Fashioning Circuits (Dr. Kim Knight)
  • Games Research Lab (Tim Christopher and Monica Evans)
  • LabSynthE (Xtine Burrough and Frank Dufour)
  • Narrative Systems Research Lab (Monica Evans)
  • Public Interactives Research Lab (PIRL) (Anne Balsamo, Heidi Rae Cooley, and Dale MacDonald)
  • SP&CE Media (Kim Knight, Olivia Banner, Lisa Bell, and Xtine Burrough)
  • The Studio for Mediating Play (Dr. Josef Nguyen and Dr. Hong-An Wu)

School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

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