Welcome to the Intelligent Robotics and Vision Lab!

The Intelligent Robotics and Vision Lab (IRVL) at UT Dallas was established in 2021. We are interested in  fundamental research in intelligent robotics and computer vision. The scientific question we would like to address is how can robots conduct tasks autonomously in the physical world  to assist humans? For example, we wish to build robots that can cook a meal or clean a kitchen table for people, or robots that can take instructions from people and execute them to assist people in home environments.

In order to deploy robots to perform complex tasks autonomously, we conduct original research to enable robots to learn various skills in perception, planning, reasoning, learning and control. We employ vision as the main sensing modality for robots.  We build robotic systems that integrate various robot skills, and study mechanisms that enable robots to improve their skills in a life-long way.


ECSS 4.222
Department of Computer Science, The University of Texas at Dallas
800 W. Campbell Road, Richardson, TX 75080 U.S.A.

Faculty: Prof. Yu Xiang
Administrative Assistant: Rhonda Walls