Research Projects


The Pathways projects focus on the efficacy and effectiveness of Pathways Early Autism Intervention (Pathways). Pathways is a parent mediated, naturalistic developmental behavioral intervention (NDBI) that fits the service delivery model for early intervention programs in TX (IDEA part C). Pathways early units focus on coaching parents to facilitate early reciprocal social interaction and mutual gaze.

Rollins et al., (2020) examined the efficacy of Pathways for use in early childhood intervention (ECI) and mutual gaze as a contributor to social development. Seventy-eight families were randomly assigned to one of three 12-week interventions: Pathways, communication, or services-as-usual (SAU). The Pathways/SAU comparison concerned the efficacy of Pathways for ECI, and the Pathways/communication comparison, mutual gaze. The Pathways group made significantly more changes on social measures, communicative synchrony, and adaptive functioning compared with the SAU group and on social measures compared with the communication group. There were no group differences for intentional communication. The results support Pathways as a potential ECI program and mutual gaze as an active ingredient for social and communication development.

Ongoing studies: (1) we have partnered with the Warren Center ECI to examines the effectiveness of Pathways when implemented by ECI interventionists; (2) we are examining the efficacy of Pathways in children 3-5 years of age. Due to Covid-19, all studies are currently being conducted online.

The Social Communication Lab is currently enrolling children into our studies. Please contact the Social Communication Lab if you are interested at 972-883-2470 or

El Laboratorio de Comunicación Social está inscribiendo a niños en nuestro estudios. Si usted está interesado, por favor póngase en contacto con el Laboratorio de Comunicación Social en 972-883-2470 o manda mensaje de correo electronico a

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