May 12, 2020 San Andres presentation now available

“Facies and Stratigraphy of the San Andres Formation (Mid Permian) Petroleum Province, Northwest Shelf of the Permian Basin, West Texas: A Resurgent Play,” by Kevin Hiss and David Williamson, is now available on the Presentations and Data Tab.

This is from an oral presentation given by UTD M.S. candidate Kevin Hiss at the 2020 GSA South-Central Meeting held this past March in Ft. Worth, TX.  Kevin’s co-author is UTD Alumni and PBRL Industrial Associate David  Williamson.  It discusses the geology and petroleum reservoir character of the San Andres Formation on the Northwest Shelf of Texas (Yoakum and Cochran counties), comparing the historical main pay zone of the giant San Andres fields with the current resurgent effort to extract residual oil using horizontal drilling and completion technology.

A copy of the presentation may be accessed here: