The Permian Basin Research Lab is committed to advancing our understanding of all geologic aspects of the Permian Basin. We emphasize teaching and making the results of our work open and available to all interested parties, from the general public to students at all levels to industry and government. Our efforts include teaching a graduate course on the Permian Basin, engaging graduate students in research about the Permian Basin, organizing workshops designed to stimulate collaborative research, and making videos about the Permian basin https://youtu.be/zksQ89aPigE.

Our research is intended to be shared via presentations at scientific meetings and publications in the peer-reviewed literature. To better ensure that university and industrial geoscientists communicate and understand the expectations and limitations of their respective cultures, the PBRL is co-directed by a UTD professor (Stern) and an experienced industry geoscientist (Waite). We are in the early stages of developing the lab but are interested to recruit associates from industry, academia, and government. There are no fees or other restrictions to become involved, just a willingness to share information and data and an interest to help educate the next generation of geoscientists and inform our community.  We feel this approach, in many ways, makes the PRBL unique.