October 22, 2019: Presentation to Halff Energy

Bob Stern and Lowell Waite visited the offices of Halff Energy in Dallas on the morning of October 22 and presented “The Wolfcamp Shale Play of the Midland Basin: A Magnificent Beast.”  The presentation was geared for non-geologists and reviewed some basics of petroleum geoscience, focusing on the importance and magnitude of the Permian Basin petroleum system and Wolfcamp Shale in particular.  In attendance were all four members of the Halff Energy staff as well as three Halff family members/owners and one invited guest.

Halff Energy, founded in 1985, is a growth-oriented general partnership owned by eight descendants of Henry M. Halff (1874-1934), a prominent west Texas rancher.  Their current interests comprise approximately 16,000 acres in Crockett, Midland, Reagan, and Upton counties.  More information on Halff Energy may be found here: http://www.halffenergy.com/

We thank owner Bro Halff for the invitation to speak to the Halff Energy team, and to Phillip Shawn, Land Manager, and Linda Waite, Accounting Manager, for the accommodations and providing lunch.  We are happy to tailor presentations to a wide variety of audiences, both technical and non- technical, in order to provide information on the “magnificent beast” that is the Permian Basin.