Oct 8, 2019: Presentation to Roswell Geologic Society

On the evening of October 8, Lowell Waite presented an invited talk entitled “Stratigraphic framework of the Wolfcamp – Spraberry of the Midland Basin” to 25 members and guests of the Roswell Geologic Society in Roswell, New Mexico.  The presentation discussed the tectono-stratigraphic development of the Late Pennsylvanian through early Permian deep-water sediments of the Midland Basin, including the Wolfcamp shale (A – D units) and the overlying Dean and Spraberry formations.  Of particular emphasis is the differences between facies and mineralogy of the various units, a function of the dynamic evolution of the western margin of Pangea (e.g., eustasy, tectonics, climate, biota) during Late Pennsylvanian – early Permian time.

A copy of the presentation can be found here: https://labs.utdallas.edu/permianbasinresearch/presentations-and-data/