June 13, 2019: Fender Natural Resources visits the PBRL

The UTD PBRL was recently honored by a visit from Maryanne Fender of Fender Natural Resources.  Fender Natural Resources collects and sells rare and precious minerals to the public (see link below).   The Fenders have recently made a generous donation to the UTD Department of Geosciences, and were visiting to receive an update on departmental growth.  We were able to meet with Mrs. Fender to showcase the lab, discussing the importance of having a facility like the PBRL to educate students on the oil and gas industry.  Also present at the meeting were Anna LeBlanc, Director of Gift Planning, Dane Richardson, Director and Development of Alumni Relations, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Dr. John Ferguson, Department of Geosciences and who hosted the visit, and Mr. David Williamson, UTD Geoscience Alum and Vice President of Geosciences, Monadnock Resources.


(l to r, Dave Williamson, Lowell Waite, Maryanne Fender, Dane Richardson, Anna LeBlanc)



Fender Minerals: