Nanomechanical Multiphysics Lab

We discover properties of nanomaterials to enable next-generation sensors and electronics.


We are a research group in the Mechanical Engineering Department at University of Texas at Dallas. We are interested in studying nanomaterials where mechanical properties (e.g. modulus, strength) or mechanical inputs (e.g. stretching, compressing, twisting) can be used to tune or control other physical properties (e.g. electrical, thermal, chemical). As miniaturization in electronics becomes more difficult and costly, these new nanomechanical multiphysics functionalities are critical to develop and enable novel sensing, actuation and electronic technologies.  We are primarily an experimental group, but collaborate frequently with simulation and theory experts to fully understand our measurements. Please explore our research and publications for more details.


01/2020: Zahir and Ali, our new PhD. students join the lab. Welcome!

12/2019: Annabel (Lu) Yi graduated from our M.Sc. program. Congratulations!

06/2019: We are excited to host 3 undergrad students for the summer. Please see our team and outreach pages.

04/2019: We moved into our permanent home in the brand new engineering building at UTD. Please see the facilities webpage for more details.

08/2018: Alan Truong, an undergrad research alumnus from our lab accepted an engineering position at Raytheon. Congratulations Alan!

06/2018: We are thrilled to host Ruth Benneth from the UTD Honors College as an undergraduate researcher for the summer. Welcome Ruth!

05/2018: Mohammad Waliullah, a PhD student, joins the lab. Welcome!

04/2018: We have received a grant from NSF’s Division of Materials Research to study metallic nanowires.

03/2018: Keene Chin, an undergrad researcher in our lab will start his PhD in robotics at Carnegie Mellon University this fall. Congratulations Keene!

08/2017: Lu Yi, our first student, joins the lab. Welcome Lu!

03/2017: We are excited to move into our new lab in the brand new BSB building at UTD. Please see the facilities webpage for more details.

01/2017: The Nanomechanical Multiphysics Lab has officially started at UTD!


We are looking for enthusiastic Ph.D. candidates, Masters students, and undergrad researchers. We have Ph.D. openings for Fall 2020!

If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. at UTD, please see the admission page and program. Please contact us via email and include a CV, a short description of why you want to pursue a PhD, and what do you find interesting about our research.

If you are an undergrad or Masters student at UTD and would like to pursue research in our lab, feel free to email or come by the PI’s office to discuss potential projects. This semester (Spring  2020), we have projects on i) finite-element simulation of nanomaterials using COMSOL multiphysics, and ii) Optical characterization of surfaces using white-light interferometry.