Gassensmith Lab

Crunchy on the Outside, Soft on the Inside

A recent collaborative paper with the Meloni lab has hit the news. Fabian Castro, a third-year grad student, did work with help from the Meloni Crew on making room-temperature stable liposomes, proteoliposomes, and protein-detergent micelles. All the formulations were so stable they could be stored at room temperature and even mailed around the US in an envelope for weeks at a time. There are pretty big…

Five (5!!!) New Students Join

Jeremiah obviously got carried away and took five students this year. A huge welcome to (from top left across and then down and across) Perouza Parsamian (Փիրուզա Փարսամյան), Thomas Howlett, Ryanne Ehrman, Sneha Kumari, and Shailendra Koirala (शैलेन्द कोईराला).


The group received a new NSF grant with Co-PI Jonathan Sczpanski a rockstar assistant professor at Texas A&M doing innovative biomaterial-based research with complex RNA systems. This is a very exciting and our first funded collaboration with an Aggie!

Supramolecular Macromolecular Organic Radical Contrast Agents!

Departing rockstar chemist, Hamilton Lee, has a paper in Chemical Science that made it into the popular media! A university press release and an accompanying snapshot of the highly photogenic team of Arezoo, Olivia, Laurel, et al.  (Hamilton was busy starting the first week of his training at his new job right out of grad school.) You can read various media takes on our work here and here and you can watch this…

New Students Join!

Welcome (left to right) Laurel Hagge of Texas and Yalini Wijesundara (යලිනි විජේසුන්දර) of Sri Lanka! The two have hopped into hot projects and (as of this writing) already putting their names on drafts for publication! A record for a new incoming class!

Graduations, Promotions, and Tenure

Drs. Raymond Welch and Hamilton Lee (not pictured because he was already at his new job at Merrill Lynch!) were hooded as PhD numbers FOUR and FIVE. Collectively they put out 10 papers (maybe more).

Jeremiah began his first day as an Associate Professor with Tenure on September 1. This is great and everything but the real credit goes to the brave...maybe crazy...students that join an assistant professors lab. I…

Welch Foundation Funding

We are very grateful to the Welch Foundation for supporting our research through a 3-year renewable grant. These grants are one of the most exciting parts of doing chemistry research in Texas. A very special thank you to Olivia Brohlin, who helped write this one. One of the first proposals I've ever written with a student, and it was funded!