Gassensmith Lab

Michael does DIY Drug Delivery & Shaobo (李少博) does MOFs on Bioconjugted Viruses

The group has been busy and hitting it big in the popular media. Michael Luzuriaga in collaboration with the Smadone Lab next door put out a method to make microneedle drug delivery patches using 3D printing. Cheap 3D printing using the FDA approved thermoplastic poly-lactic acid. The group shows reversible sorption of small molecules and release into pig skin. You can read more about it in the various writeups

New Members!

The group officially welcomes two new grad students! Olivia Brohlin, who received her BS from UT Austin and Arezoo Sharivarkevishahi, from Shiraz University in Iran!

Crikey! Convection Curls Clever Crystal Cantilever Contraption in Chem Comm!

Madushani Dharmarwardana and Raymond Welch have just published a paper in Chemical Communications showing thermal actuation in a single crystal. This is cool because the actuation is powered by a single-crystal to single-crystal phase transition (a monoclinic to triclinic phase transition) that accompanies an enormous change in unit cell. When glued to a glass plate, this anisotropic change causes the crystal to…