Welcome to the Mechanics of Advanced Materials Laboratory (MAML)

MAML focuses on the fundamental understanding of the mechanical behavior of materials. Areas of interest include (but not limited to): Viscoelasticity, Experimental Mechanics, Computational Mechanics, Multiscale Simulations, Mechanics of Nanocomposites and other Nanostructured Materials, Dynamic Fracture, Viscoelastic Behavior at High Strain Rates, Shear Slitting/Cutting, Nanomechanics, Viscoelastic Nanoindentation, Ear Biomechanics.

Group pictures

Fall 2020 (Group picture): from right: Dr. Lu, Andrew, Mark, Dr. Malakooti, Vijay, Dr. Hatamleh, Ning, Erik, Runyu, Kannan, Huiluo, and Dr. Ren

From left, Sadeq, Dr. Oman (visitor scholar from University of Ljubljana), Mohammad, Runyu.

Spring 2020: After Sadeq’s PhD defense; from left: Dr. Ng (Computer Science), Dr. Baughman (Chemistry), Sadeq, Dr. Lu, Dr. Ryu (ME), and Dr. Qian (ME).

Summer 2019: At the CAST STEM Bridge final symposium, our high school researchers earned second prize; from left: Stephen Yang, Nicholas Tsao, Ethan Zhao, and Dr. Lu.

Spring 2019 (Group meeting): from right: Dr. Lu, Dr. Qin, Sadeq, Vijay, Dongyang, Runyu, Huiluo, Ning, and Dr. Ren

Summer 2017 (Group launch)

Summer 2017 (From Left: Dr. Luo, Dr. Lu, Xuemin, Ashika, Mark, Dr. Hu, Saman, Trent, Ivan, Rajiv, Sadeq, Fabiola, and Jenna)

Fall 2016 (From Left: Tingge, Dr. Lu, Dr. Guo, Dr. Luo, Samuel, Ashika, Xuemin, Dr. Hu, Suzie, Sadeq, and Saman)