Principal Investigator

Shashank Sirsi, PhD

Principal Investigator

Dr. Sirsi grew up in California and attended the University of California , San Diego where he majored in Biomedical Engineering. As an undergraduate, Dr. Sirsi performed research in a physiology lab in the Veterans hospital, where he studied the biomechanics of single muscle fibers. Dr. Sirsi graduated with a B.S. in 2002 and continued his research at Drexel University where he designed novel polymer vectors for nucleic acid delivery to dystrophic muscle tissue. He received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering in 2007 and gravitated towards cancer research during his first postdoctoral position at Columbia University in New York. As a postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Sirsi designed and tested novel ultrasound contrast agents for in vivo imaging and targeted drug delivery to tumors using pediatric neuroblastoma models. In 2010, Dr. Sirsi moved to the University of Colorado at Boulder and continued his cancer work as a Research Associate. He was awarded an NIH R21 grant in 2012 to support his research on image-guided drug delivery to tumor tissue. He subsequently worked as a senior research scientist at MIT and the ETH University in Switzerland using ultrasound contrast agents for MRI-guided focused ultrasound drug delivery to the brain. During his academic tenure, Dr. Sirsi has published over 20 research articles, 2 book chapters, and has been awarded 3 patents. Currently, Dr. Sirsi is an Assistant Professor in Bioengineering a UT Dallas.

BSB 13.909

Graduate Researchers

Aditi Bellary

Arvin Honari

Sughanda Chaudhary

Nasrin Akter

Muskan Pawar


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Ron Hall