Gassensmith Lab

Virus trapped in a MOF!

We trapped the Tobacco Mosaic Virus in a Metal Organic Framework and published it in Angewandte! Inside the MOF, the virus become much more resilient against denaturation, even surviving boiling water and pure methanol solvent. After these harsh treatments, we were able to gently exfoliate the virus with EDTA to get the virus back. The effort was lead by first year graduate student Shaobo Li, who spent almost 18…

Photocaged Bacteriophage is Published in the Journal Small

Doxorubicin is released using light from the surface of bacteriophage Qβ and shows very little toxicity in the dark but is quite effective when activated. To achieve the low "dark toxicity" however, required development of a method to modify the capsid at a second site in an orthogonal fashion.  Zhuo Chen, Na Li,  Luxi Chen and Jiyong Lee contributed.