Gassensmith Lab

Petroleum Research Funded

We thank the Petroleum Research Fund of the ACS for supporting our work through the Doctoral New Investigator (DNI) program. The grant was based upon the preliminary data collected by Madushani Dharmarwardana, and is a testament to her hard work (and will fund the rest of her PhD!)

New Grad Student Joins the Lab!

Welcome Michael Luzuriaga  to the group! Probably a Californian of some kind, Michael will work on projects that focus on integrating viral particles into advanced drug delivery technologies.

Make your own virus with our amazing YouTube videos!

Undergraduates Aditya Gudapati and Elizabeth Pham have done an amazing job in creating an online video showing how our undergrad team makes Qβ. Contextually, the production quality is outstanding and we are now in the process of dubbing it into Chinese and Viet so encourage and enable global participation in using VLPs as nanoscale platforms and to get even more young people involved in this line of research.…