Graduations, Promotions, and Tenure

Drs. Raymond Welch and Hamilton Lee (not pictured because he was already at his new job at Merrill Lynch!) were hooded as PhD numbers FOUR and FIVE. Collectively they put out 10 papers (maybe more).

Jeremiah began his first day as an Associate Professor with Tenure on September 1. This is great and everything but the real credit goes to the brave…maybe crazy…students that join an assistant professors lab. I mean, I didn’t even HAVE a lab when I started. I didn’t have a lab for nearly six months. But somehow I think Zhuo, Shaobo, Madushani, and Anna and then Raymond (and Hamilton and Candace) came along. Then Michael, who came along in year 3 before I had any money and rumors that I wasn’t going to make it started to swril… Then $5 million, 23 papers, a few patent applications, a spin off company, and … well, suffice it to say that’s all neat stuff for a CV but that isn’t why i’m happy, I guess, that I get promoted… It’s the students that have made this job worthwhile. This promotion just affords me the privilege to work with folks like Arezoo, Olivia, Jenica, Nima, Tahmid, and Fabian a while longer…and some new folks that come along the way.