Aliya Swanger

Aliya is an undergraduate student at The University of Southern California majoring in cognitive science. She recently graduated from Alcuin School with an IB Diploma alongside 9 other students that were a part of the school’s first graduating class. Aliya is highly interested in the factors that lead to addictive behavior, and the influence addiction has on decision making and other cognitive functions. She hopes to use this experience to guide her in future professional endeavors, as well as throughout her path of further education. Her friends often refer to her as “Mom” because of her desire to ensure the safety and happiness of those around her. ​

Priyanka Suthar
Master’s Student

​ Priyanka Suthar is a masters student in Applied Cognition and Neurosciences at UTD. She has her Bachelors in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from Gujarat, India. She is interested in research of proper pain management and addiction. She would like to use her Ayurveda medicine practice experience combining with research, giving the best way to treat the patients of Addiction, chronic pain, migraine, ADHD etc.





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