Filbey Lab Team

Francesca M. Filbey, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

Dr. Filbey is the Bert Moore Endowed Chair and Professor at the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Her studies focus on determining the neurobiological mechanisms of reward system dysfunction.  Dr. Filbey is the author of Neuroscience of Addiction (In Press, Cambridge University Press). Dr. Filbey received her PhD at King’s College London, United Kingdom and completed her post-doctoral training at the NIH.

Erin D. Horne, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Erin received her Ph.D. in Cognition and Neuroscience from UT Dallas in 2019. Her doctoral research focused on identifying the neural correlates of episodic memory retrieval associated with healthy aging and on investigating how increasing attentional demands during a retrieval task modulates brain activity (measured with fMRI). Currently, she is investigating how addiction affects the structure and function of the brain and is particularly interested in the relationship between cannabis use, sleep, and memory consolidation.

Jennifer DiMuzio
​Research Assistant

Jenn is a currently a research assistant working as Team Lead  on the “Multisite Study of Cannabis Users and Non-Users” project. She has over 8 years of neuroimaging research experience working with diverse populations, including adolescents and young adults with bipolar disorder, ADHD, and marijuana dependence and abuse, adult Veterans with PTSD, depression, and suicidal ideation, young adults diagnosed with schizophrenia, and student athletes vulnerable to concussion. She has also previously worked as a research assistant on the ABCD Study at the University of Utah site. Her research focus is on adolescent cognitive development, specifically how environmental factors, including onset of substance use and early life stress/trauma, are associated with neurobiological and behavioral changes.

Christina Atkinson, M.S.
​Research Assistant

Tina received her M.S. in Cognition and Neuroscience from UTD in May 2019. She is currently working as the Team Lead on the Cognition and Cannabis Use study. Previously she interned in the NeuroPsychometric Lab at UTD by assisting with fMRI scans and running behavioral tasks for the Multiple Sclerosis study and coordinating communication in a double-blind study on mindfulness. Her interests include investigating the neural mechanisms behind addiction and discovering ways to assist individuals with disorders.

Dalton Edwards
Ph.D. Student

Dalton is a Ph.D. student in the cognition and neuroscience program at UT Dallas working in the Filbey lab. He received a bachelor of arts in psychology with a minor in sociology from Texas State University in May 2018. He also received a master of arts in psychological research from Texas State University in May 2020. Previously his work has focused on electrophysiology with a focus on how executive brain functions like attention are influenced by environmental changes. Currently, he is interested in investing how substance use may influence sleep architecture and other mental processes.

Masters Students

Hao Nguyen
Masters Student

 Hao received her Masters in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience in 2020 and works on the Cannabis and Cognition Use study. She received her Bachelors of Science in Biology at Texas Tech University where she worked with chronic stress as well as visual neurosciences. Her current interests are pharmacogical applications on mood disorders and addiction.

Harishree Karthik
Masters Student

Harishree is a Masters student in the Applied Cognition and Neuroscience program specializing in Intelligent Systems. She received her Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience from UT Dallas in 2020. She started working in the Filbey Lab as an undergraduate student and has been involved in various aspects of the lab from literature review, recruitment, data collection, training interns, and data processing. She is generally interested in understanding neuronal networks, their interaction with the rest of the body and how this affects behavior. As a hobby, she is passionate about immigrant activism.

Eunsol Noh
Masters Student

Eunsol is a Master’s student in the biomedical engineering program at UT Dallas working in the Filbey lab. She received a bachelor of science in biomedical engineering from Jeonbuk National University in South Korea in August 2016. Previously her work has focused on analysis with neural signals such as EEG and electrophysiological signals, mostly related to auditory research. Currently, she is interested in assessing the effects of rTMS on the dysfunctional connectivity in the brain of cannabis users by analyzing their resting-state EEG. 

Caroline Culver
Masters Student

Caroline is a Masters student in the Applied Cognition and Neuroscience program working in the Filbey lab on the Cannabis and Cognition Use study. She received her Bachelor of Science in psychology from UT Austin in 2019 where she assisted in self-regulation labs. Currently she is interested in decision-making, individual differences, and human-computer interactions. 

Undergraduate Students

Stephanie Batch
Undergraduate Student

Stephanie is a senior in her undergraduate studies, majoring in neuroscience and minoring in visual arts. She is a research assistant working as a head intern with the MJX team and is involved with data collection, data preprocessing, and training new interns. As part of her honors thesis, she is studying the effects of stress from the COVID-19 pandemic on smoking behavior patterns. Previously, she conducted literature reviews, recruited new participants, and helped lead a monthly journal club. Her interests include understanding motivations for substance use and how to integrate this knowledge into clinical practice. Stephanie is planning to attend medical school in hopes of pursuing a specialty in internal medicine.

Bryant Karenson
Undergraduate Student

Bryant Karenson is currently a senior double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. He has been interested in studying affective neuroscience and found his interest align with his work in the Filbey lab. He hopes to receive a master’s in Public Health and attend medical school after graduating in pursuit of working in health care. Outside of lab, he spends his time chatting with friends, making music or writing.

Ranya Siddiqui
Undergraduate Student

Ranya is a sophomore double majoring in neuroscience and psychology. She joined the lab in her senior year of high school. She is interested in studying the mental health effects of substance. After graduating, she hopes to attend a medical scientist training program and get an MD/PhD.

Aaron Mackie
Undergraduate Student

Aaron is a senior undergraduate student majoring in psychology and minoring in biology. He is a research assistant in the Filbey lab working on the Cognition and Cannabis Use study. His interests include neuroimaging and the relationship between memory and substance use. After graduating, he plans to attend medical school to continue studying the brain.

Ishav Shukla
Undergraduate Student

Ishav is a junior undergraduate student majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Business Administration. He is a research assistant working on the MJX project. His interests include understanding how substance use induces neurobiological and behavioral changes. After graduating, he plans to attend medical school in hopes of pursuing a specialty in surgery.

Hana Ahmad
Undergraduate Student

Hana is a sophomore undergraduate biology major, minoring in public health. She is a research assistant on the MJX project. After graduating, Hana would like to attend medical school in hopes of becoming a gynecologist and conducting research of her own. Her research interests include understanding the neurological manifestations of long term cannabis use in the brain and the applications of neuroimaging in contributing to that understanding. In her free time, Hana enjoys baking, painting, and making jewelry.

Sophie Boutouis
Undergraduate Student

Sophie is a psychology major at UT Dallas. She is currently working as a research assistant on the Cognition and Cannabis Use study led by Tina. She has experience working with victims of substance abuse as a Crisis Counselor for Crisis Text Line, and she hopes to attend graduate school to further her knowledge of addiction. Her primary research interest lies in how social and environmental factors mediate substance use and addictive behaviors.

Lydia Grant
Undergraduate Student

Lydia is a sophomore double major in psychology and neuroscience. She works on the MJX project. She hope to pursue a PhD in psychology in the future. She love hiking and being outdoors in my free time.

Emine Akar
Undergraduate Student

Emine is an 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Music at University of Texas at Dallas. Previously she has worked in research focusing on alcohol addiction and cognition. She also has clinical experience with substance use disorder. Currently, she is interning at COGMO-Filbey Lab, and investigating the relationship between cannibis use and cognition using EEG.

Peyton Orloff
Undergraduate Student

Peyton is an undergraduate intern working on data analysis for several studies within the lab. She is a neuroscience major, class of 2022. Her research interest is how different kinds of recreational and prescription drugs affect the brain and how that differs in neurodivergent people. Her hobbies are baking and doing puzzles.


Beatriz Brandao
Undergraduate Student

Beatriz is a senior Psychology major and a fast-track student in the Applied Cognition and Neuroscience Master’s program at UTD. She is working as a research assistant on the Cognition and Cannabis Use study. She is also part of the Chapman lab and is currently writing an honors thesis on the effects of kindness on cognitive function. Her research interests include neuroimaging, neural signals, and brain executive functions.