Lab Director

Dr. Richard M. Golden

Dr. Golden received his BS in both electrical engineering and psychology from the University of California at San Diego.  Dr. Golden received his MS in electrical engineering and his PhD in experimental psychology from Brown University.

Dr. Golden is specifically interested in the mathematical analysis, development, and application of statistical machine learning algorithms for the purpose of advancing mathematical theory in the Behavioral and Brain Sciences. His current research interests are focused on the areas of computational psychometrics and cyberlearning technologies.


Doctoral Students

James Ryland

James is a PhD student studying with Dr. Richard Golden and Dr. Alice O’Toole, who carries out research on visual cognition and neuroscience. He designs and implements neural network models for object recognition that are consistent with cognitive theories of how the brain performs visual recognition. In addition, he tests these models to see if their behavior and representations are consistent with human behavior and neural organization.

Although now focused on visual recognition, James has many other interests such as self-organization, spatial awareness, motor planning, and visualization.

Athul Sudheesh

Athul is the cofounder of COINS Lab along with Dr. Richard M. Golden. Athul joined the Cognition and Neuroscience PhD program at UT Dallas in 2019 bringing his rich prior experience in software development, UI design and development, and machine learning.

Athul’s research interests include implicit learning, knowledge representation, and philosophy of mind. He is specifically interested in understanding the semantic and functional properties of mental representation.

Ritesh Malaiya

Ritesh is a PhD student in cognition and Neuroscience. He has a master’s degree in applied cognition and neuroscience from The University of Texas at Dallas and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune, India. He is interested in Educational Psychology and Computational Psychometrics research areas. He has worked as a Data Scientist in Banking domain and as a Software Development Engineer in Retail domain working mostly towards building backend algorithms to support Business processes.

Currently, in COINS lab, he is involved in developing probabilistic models to capture the evolution of students skills as they progress through the semester.

Candice Pattisapu Fox

Candice is a PhD student in psychological sciences. She is interested in computational models of development, cyberlearning, and the history and philosophy of cognitive science. She earned a BA in philosophy from UT Austin, an MA in applied linguistics from UMass Boston, and an MS in applied cognition and neuroscience from UT Dallas.

Before starting doctoral work, she taught high school math.


Kari Stouffer


Kari Stouffer graduated in 2019 and developed a methodology for assessing cognitive flexibility using a version of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task using verbal codes.

Shaurabh Nandy


Shaurabh developed a theoretical framework for the generative modeling of human functional whole brain networks using fMRI data. He’s currently the Head of AI at Foxbat Research, the company he co-founded after graduation.

Perwaiz Ismaili


Perwaiz’s doctoral thesis was concerned with discerning sequential latent patterns of expertise mental models exhibited in online behaviors. Currently, Dr. Ismaili is a faculty member at the Metropolitan State University where he teaches undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level courses for the College of Management.

Shahram Ghiasinejad


Shahram’s doctoral thesis was concerned with the evaluation of the AUTOCODER system to assist in the automatic coding of free-response data. Currently Dr. Ghiasinejad is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Central Florida.


Dae-Hyun Paik

PhD in Electrical Engineering`04

Dae-Hyun’s doctoral thesis was concerned with Space-time Processing using the Block Shanno Algorithm for Smart Antennas in DS-CDMA Systems