UTD has restricted access since March 2020 due to COVID-19, but we continue our scholarly work and weekly (online) group meetings.

Weekly group meeting

Mohammad and Mehdi at ITA 2020. This would be our last information theory meeting for a long time, due to COVID-19.


Thanksgiving dinner with lab members and their friends and family

Aria was a keynote speaker in ACOSIS 2019 in Marrakech

Dr. Ali Pezeshki, Colorado State, visited our group 7/22-8/16, 2019

ISIT 2019, Paris, with Erdan Arikan and Joachim Hagenauer

Hussein Saad’s dissertation defense, July 1, 2019, during and afterward with committee

March 16-22, whirlwind trip to Banglore, Chennai, Bombay, and Delhi. Interacting with great friends and scholars A. Chockalingam, Neelesh Mehta, and Sundar Rajan, as well as (not shown) Rajesh Sundaresan, Chandra Murthy, Srikrishna Bhashyam, Andrew Thangaraj, Nikhil Karamchandani, Sibiraj Pillai, and others. Surprised to run into Bruce Hajek in IIT Mumbai.

Mohammad, Heping, and Hassan at ITA 2019. Aria presenting our group’s findings.


Thanksgiving party, November 2018. Lab members enjoying food and fun.

ISIT 2018, Vail, CO. Hussein and Noha preseting papers, Aria with Igal Sason.

Graduation day, May 2018

At ITA 2017, San Diego


ISIT 2017, Aachen, Germany. Aria with Massimo Franceschetti, Randall Berry, David Tse, and Daniela Tuninetti

Ahmed Hindy’s defense. He did great work on lattice codes and their performance limits under fading.

Late night with lab members at ITA 2017, San Diego


NSF Project meeting with Profs. A. Host-Madsen, W. Shiroma, A. Ohta, and their research group, on the campus of the University of Hawaii, Manoa

ISIT 2016, Barcelona, Spain

ITA 2016, San Diego, CA. MCL students Noha Helal, Huseein Saad, and Fan Zhang.


ISIT 2015, Hong Kong. (Top left) Aria with Ertem Tuncel, Tolga Duman, Amir Banihashemi, and Li Chen. (Top right) with Anders Host-Madsen (Bottom left) with Ayfer Ozgur and Anelia Sumekh-Baruch.

(left) Ahmed Hindy presenting, and (right) students relaxing during a social event, at the Information Theory and Applications workshop, San Diego.


With Tolga Duman at the banquet of ISIT 2014, Hawaii.


November 2013: plenary speaker in the 2nd International Workshop on High Mobility Wireless Communications, Shanghai, China. Together with Meixia Tao, Wen Chen, Norm Beaulieu, Takis Mathiopoulos, Fukuyumi Adachi, Pingzhi Fan and Pingyi Fan

Feb. 2013, Attia, Hindy, and Fadel at Information Theory and Applications Workshop, San Diego


December 2012: Graduation ceremony at UT-Dallas.

November 2012: Thuy’s defense

November 2012: (Right) Mohamed Abouelseoud before his defense, with the three new members of the lab. (Left) Mohamed after successfully completing his defense.

August 2012: (left) Aria serves as invited panelist in ICCC 2012, Beijing, (right) Aria with Prof. Xiao Ma at Sun Yat-sen University

July 2012: (left) Jogging in Boston during ISIT 2012, (right) up-close 4th of July fireworks visible from conference hotel.

February 2012: Investiture ceremony where Aria was conferred the Jonsson Distinguished Professorship


December 2011: Globecom 2011 in Houston with Thuy, Yang, Aria, and Baile Xie

August 2011: Aria gives a plenary lecture at the Canadian Summer School for Communications and Information Theory, Banff, Alberta.

ISIT 2011: Natasha Devroye and Daniela Tuninetti (Univ. Illinois Chicago), two street performers in Saint Petersburg, Piysuh Gupta (Bell Labs), Sujay Sanghavi (UT-Austin), Hamid Jafarkhani (UC-Irvine), Shahram Yousefi (Queens U), Amin Shokrollahi (EPFL), Faramarz Fekri (Georgia Tech), Aria, and Behnaam Aazhang (Rice)


July 2010: (Left) Keynote speaker at ICNDS 2010, Wenzhou, China. (Right) During a hike outside Wenzhou, after a failed jump across a gap and falling into a river.

June 2010: Thuy and Yang at the reception in ISIT 2010, Austin.

January 2010: It rarely snows in Dallas. This day was an exception, and everyone on the UT-Dallas campus was having fun.


December 2009: (Left) Invited speaker at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Prof. Wei Zhang of UNSW presents Aria with a memento. (Right) With Prof. Yonghui Li, giving an invited talk at Sydney University.

August 2009: Sending Negar away to internship at Philips, Cleveland. She will miss the balmy Dallas evenings, like this one at Mi Cocina’s restaurant.

April 2009: Aria treats for the end-of-semester party at a local restaurant. Ramy is departing for his postdoctoral position the next day.


December 2008: Ramy’s hooding ceremony

Globecom 08 at New Orleans. Naofal Al-Dhahir, Aria, Mohamed, Khaled Ben Lataief, and Andrea Goldsmith

November 2008: Ramy’s PhD defense and dinner party

October 2008: Students of our research group at the Winedale conference.

September 2008: Party for members and guests of MCL, at Aria’s house.

Mohamed, Aria, and Ramy at the ITA workshop in San Diego.


May 2007: Celebtrating the end of spring semester at Fadi’s restaurant with some middle-eastern cuisine

April 2007: The UTD group at the International Symposium on Medical Imaging, Washington DC: Negar, Aria, and Prof. Raimund Ober


Globecom, Nov. 2006, San Francisco

Celebrating Thanksgiving. The feast, followed by a friendly game of scrabble.

ISIT 2006, Seattle, July 2006


Globecom 2005, St. Louis, November 2005

ISIT 2005, Adelaide, Australia, September 2005

Graduation of Shahab, Name, and Vijay, Friday 22 July 2005.

End-of-academic-year party 2005

Ahmad’s Graduation Party


Holiday party 2004.

Aria, Ahmad and Shahab at ISIT 2004, Chicago

End of the year party at Aria’s house.


Thanksgiving 2003. Forget about pictures, let’s eat!

Ahmad and Aria at ICC 2003, Anchorage, Alaska


November 2002, Thanksgiving party.

April 2002 end-of-the-academic-year party at Aria’s house.

ISIT 2002, Lausanne, Switzerland. Todd enjoys nature, view from a hilltop, and street performers in Lausanne.


ICASSP 2000 in Istanbul, Turkey. Aria, Todd, Murat Torlak, Darel Linebarger, and Philip Loizou.

DSP Workshop 2000 at Hunt, Texas. Aria, Nikhil, Hong Bo, Ahmad, and Todd.