Current Research

Explanation and Learning Study

  • Funded by the National Science Foundation and in collaboration with Dr. Judith Danovitch at the University of Louisville, this project examines how elementary school-aged children learn about science through explanations from others. Children hear questions and explanations about animals and decide how well the explanations answer the questions. They also complete other tasks designed to help measure different aspects of children’s thinking.

Thinking about Biology Study

  • This project examines how 3- and 4-year-old children think about animal properties. Children play with some toy animals and answer some questions about their properties. They also complete a language skill measure and a listening game. This results from this project will help us better understand how children learn about science.

Biological Explanation Study

  • This project examines how 4- to 6-year-old children make sense of questions and answers about biology (like how do cats see in the dark). Children play a mix of games about biology and also complete a language skill measure. We hope to understand how young children decide what are good and not good answers to questions in science.

The Santa Study