Lab Tour

Our testing space is located at GR 4.811, which includes a waiting area and two testing rooms.  The waiting area has couches and magazines, as well as toys for children to play with. This is where we will explain the process for the visit and ask you to sign our consent forms.


We will work with your child in one of two adjoining rooms.


These rooms have tables and chairs of different sizes and child-friendly decorations. During the study, we will read stories to your child and play a few simple games that help us understand more about how children think and learn. After the study, your child will get some cool prizes and a certificate for being a great scientist!

Sometimes parents ask us if they can bring other children with them to our lab. If your other children are eligible for other studies, we would love to have them participate at the same time! Just let us know about them while we set up your appointment. If not, though, please feel free to bring them along. In our waiting room, they can play with some toys, read some books, or draw at our art table.