Principal Investigator

Edward Lobariñas, PhD

Associate Professor
University of Texas at Dallas
Phone: 972-883-3002
Office: CD_J211
Campus Mail Code: CD10

Dr. Ed Lobariñas is one of the leading researchers on animal models of tinnitus and functional changes in hearing after drug or noise-induced hearing loss. His research is primarily based on the role of hearing loss in the development of tinnitus and how inner ear damage affects higher auditory function such as hearing in noise. Dr. Lobariñas is known for his work in developing animal models of tinnitus, tinnitus treatment and the effects of inner hair cell loss on hearing. He has been recognized by the American Academy of Audiology as a Jerger Future Leader of Audiology in 2014 and has received grants from the National Institute of Health, the American Tinnitus Association, and the Tinnitus Research Initiative. He also has received industry grants to study the efficacy of hearing protection devices and the effect of sound suppression on firearms as a means to reduce the effects of impulse noise exposure. Dr. Lobariñas earned his bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and his master’s and doctoral degrees from State University of New York at Buffalo.