Are you accepting graduate students in the coming year?

In any given year, we may be accepting highly qualified students. If you are interested in applying for graduate school at UT Dallas, please contact Dr. Krawczyk by email at

UT Dallas offers PhD programs in multiple areas. Which should prospective students apply to?

The two most relevant programs are the Psychological Science and Cognition and Neuroscience graduate programs. These are relatively similar in structure and we accept students from either program. Students tend toward more developmental and social interests in the Psychological Science program and more toward human neuroscience in the Cognition and Neuroscience program. You should base the program decision on how your research interests match either of these programs. Please feel free to contact Dr. Krawczyk if you intend to apply to work in the lab at

How can I become involved in studies as an undergraduate?

We are frequently able to offer undergraduate students research experiences in either cognitive studies, or in a cognitive neuroscience area. Several of our recent students have gone on to graduate school or medical school after doing work within the lab. If you are interested in a possible undergraduate research experience in the lab please apply by filling out the application form.

Do you have an opening for a postdoctoral fellow?

Please contact Dr. Krawczyk if you are interested in joining the lab as a post-doc. Please be sure to specify what you are interested in working on and what your timeline is. Postdoctoral fellowships tend to require a good fit on both research interests and the timing of funding.

How is your research funded?

Most of our research is funded by research grants from the federal government (the US Department of Defense), as well as private funds or institutional funds.