The Neuronal Networks and Interfaces Laboratory (NNIL) is located in the Bioengineering and Sciences Building at the Richardson campus. This building also houses the new, state-of-the-art Office of Research Core Facilities (RCF), which include equipment for imaging, histology, genomic sequencing, molecular and protein analysis, and flow cytometry.

The NNIL itself includes rooms 13.618, 13.634, 13.638, and 13.642 on the 3rd floor of BSB. The laboratory consists of a fully outfitted wet lab comprising 800 sq feet with a chemical hood, dedicated electrophysiology, chemical solution preparation, and electrochemistry workstations. In addition, the laboratory shares approximately a 200 sq ft nearby cell culture facility. Major laboratory equipment includes two multichannel data acquisition systems (Plexon Inc), two multichannel electrochemical stations (CHinstruments), dual stack CO2 incubators, laminar flow biosafety cabinet, freezer, refrigerator, centrifuge, and inverted microscopes equipped for live cell fluorescence imaging and cell culture use.

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