For Families

Does Your Child Qualify for One of our Studies?

We’re looking for:

  • 2 year olds, 4-year olds and 5-year olds
  • English is primary language
  • With and without language difficulties
  • Children will receive a free speech, language, and hearing evaluation
  • Children will receive a toy, parents will be paid $20/session
  • At Callier Center in Dallas or Richardson
  • 1-10 sessions (30-90 minutes per session)
  • Please email or call us at (972) 883-3043
A Day in the Lab

Here is what you will do in some of our studies at Callier Center at The University of Texas at Dallas.

In some studies, children will look at pictures and stories and talk with little markers on their faces and on special sports glasses. Many children have worn these markers. Over 400 children have participated in our studies!

In other studies, children may talk with their hands or clap their hands or play a drum.

Sometimes, children play with puppets and talk into a microphone.

Thank you to the junior scientists and their families who have participated in our studies and helped us learn about language and motor development in all kinds of children.