Our Mission

In the “Language in Motion” lab we study how children with developmental language disorder (DLD) and speech sound disorder learn. We have discovered that children with DLD show difficulties not only in learning language but also in learning other motor skills that require some of the same cognitive processes. Our goal is to translate our findings to develop powerful interventions for children with language or speech difficulties.  

Family Information

Thank you to the junior scientists and their families who have participated in our studies and helped us learn about language and motor development in all kinds of children.

Research News

  • The junior scientists in our lab have helped us discover how children learn new words.
  • Sara Benham and Lisa Goffman published an article in the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research showing that children with DLD have difficulty learning new sound patterns in words.
  • Adding meaning to the sound patterns helps children improve their consistency.
  • These results are important for diagnosing children with DLD and for deciding when to practice sounds with and without meaning.