Fall 2021-Spring 2022

Fall 2021-Spring 2022, NYU Mamdouha Bobst Gallery
This fall LabSynthE members will be exhibiting works as part of burrough & Starnaman’s Ceremonial Techne at Mamdouha S. Bobst Gallery at NYU.  The lab’s collaborative projects Syntonic Refuge and One Breath Poem: Message for a Revolution, as well as An Imagined Genealogy of Michel Foucault, led by Ferreira and Yates, will be on display and available for interaction during  fall 2021 and spring 2022.

Spring 2022, “Printemps des Poetes” at Grotte du Lazaret
LabSynthE is developing an emerging media exhibition for Lazaret Cave in Nice, France for the French Ministry of Culture’s programming, “Spring of Poets” on the 2022 theme: ephemeral.