Group Photos



Finally, we can golf!! August, 2021


                    Team Boro-Nick                                   Team Challengers


Team Goats                                       Team Nameless

Team Spa! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gevorgyan Group, 2020

Virtual Group Meeting! April, 2020


Bowling Before the New Decade Begins! December, 2019

Group Picnic! July, 2019: Texas Summer is GOOD

All Hands On Deck! Getting our new home ready…

some of us did not want to leave old stuff behind…


TexSyn IV! May, 2019: Congratulations Daria for an outstanding Speed Talk

Our New Home, The University of Texas at Dallas!

May 31st, 2019: The whole group is together

May 23rd, 2019: Conquistadors arrive

Our Farewell Party, AND 20 Year Anniversary at UIC!! May 4th, 2019 – Star Wars Day: Special visit from our Hall of Famers


ACS Great Lakes Regional Meeting! May, 2019

Waiting for the Webinar to Begin!

Bowling! January, 2019

Golf Outing! October, 2017: everybody needs to stretch!

Gevorgyan Group, 2017

Gevorgyan Group, 2015

Gevorgyan Group, 2012

Gevorgyan Group, 2010

Gevorgyan Group, 2009

Gevorgyan Group, 2007

Gevorgyan Group, 2005

Gevorgyan Group, 2004

Gevorgyan Group, 2003

Gevorgyan Group, 2001