October 2018: Pumpkin carving

October 2018: Whitney passes her qualifying exam!

September 2018: Group Dinner at Babe’s Chicken Dinner House

August 2018: Celebration at the Northside Drafthouse and Eatery

August 2018: Anson L. Clark Program Poster Session 

July 2018: Group Outing

July 2018: Comet Camp

July 2018: Summer Welch Scholar Program

May 2018: Williams Prepatory Campus Scavenger Hunt

April 2018: 51st Annual DFW ACS Meeting-in-Miniature

April 2018: YWISE Final Presentation

February 2018: Group Outing 

February 2018: Sheel’s Birthday 

December 2017: Group Holiday Dinner

November 2017: Jyothi passes her qualifying exam! 

October 2017: Jasmine passes her qualifying exam!

September 2017: Trusted World 

August 2017: Farewell to Jessica 

August 2017: The Eclipse 

July 2017: Comet Chemistry Camp

July 2017: Dallas World Aquarium 

April 2017: March for Science Dallas

April 2017: Undergraduate Research Symposium 

February 2017: Sheel’s Birthday

January 2017: Greenwood Hills Elementary Science Fair

December 2016: First Group Holiday Dinner

October 2016: Founders Day

September 2016: First Group Outing