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    • Text “CTF4Kids” to 74574
      • Valuable advice from experts in the fields of child development and education
      • Short, research-based tips related to encouragement and reinforcement methods to increase family strengths

Tips for Supporting Your Child’s Emotional Well-Being during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Compared to adults, children are more vulnerable to the emotional impact of traumatic events that disrupt their daily lives. Here are some recommendations from Child Trends to support and protect your child’s well-being during the pandemic:

    • Understand that reactions to the pandemic may vary
    • Ensure the presence of a sensitive and responsive caregiver
    • Social distancing should not mean social isolation
    • Provide age-appropriate information
    • Create a safe physical and emotional environment by practicing the 3 R’s- Reassurance, Routines, and Regulation
    • Keep children busy
    • Increase children’s self-efficacy
    • Create opportunities for caregivers to take care of themselves
    • Seek professional help if children show signs of trauma that do not resolve relatively quickly
    • Emphasize strengths, hope, and positivity
    • Helping Children Cope with Emergencies (CDC)
    • Resources for Supporting Children’s Emotional Well-being during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Child Trends)

We are thinking of all of you during this difficult time of uncertainty. Resources such as northtexasfamilies.org and findhelp.org can be beneficial for finding help for immediate needs. The Center for Children and Families also continues to operate our Resource & Referral line at 972-883-4827 or resources.ccf@utdallas.edu to help connect parents and professionals to a broad array of resources for child and family issues.