Gassensmith Lab

Michael does DIY Drug Delivery & Shaobo (李少博) does MOFs on Bioconjugted Viruses

The group has been busy and hitting it big in the popular media. Michael Luzuriaga in collaboration with the Smadone Lab next door put out a method to make microneedle drug delivery patches using 3D printing. Cheap 3D printing using the FDA approved thermoplastic poly-lactic acid. The group shows reversible sorption of small molecules and release into pig skin. You can read more about it in the various writeups in popular media or the group's original report in either ChemRxiv or the hyperlinks on our publication page that go out to its final home in Lab on a Chip.

A second paper, this time by Shaobo Li (李少博), brings a structure-function understanding to the core-shell growth of MOFs onto proteins—in particular, ZIF-8. The paper was accepted by four reviewers without change (!!), is an ACS Editor's Choice, open access, and will appear on the cover of ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. This is a real testament to Shaobo's qualities as a scientist since his first paper on Viruses in MOFs in Angewandte was also accepted without changes!