Recent Publications

We have had a number of recent publications


  1. S. Kumar, A. Mohammadi, D. Quinteri, S. Rezazadeh, N. Gans, and R.D. Gregg, “Extremum Seeking Control for Model-Free Auto-Tuning of Powered Prosthetic Legs,” IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, (preprint)
  2. K. Fathian, N. Gans, W. Krawcewicz and D. Rachinskii, “Regular Polygon Formations with Fixed Size and Cyclic Sensing Constraint,” in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (preprint)
  3. E. A. Lee., N. R., Gans, M. G. Grohman, M. J. Brown, “Ethics as a Rare Bird: A Challenge For Situated Studies of Ethics in the Engineering Lab,” Journal of Responsible Innovation (preprint)

Conference  Proceedings

  1.  B. H. Jafari, N. Walker, R. Smaldone, and N. Gans, “Geometric  Trajectory  Planning  for  Robot  Motion  Over  a  3D  Surface,” Proc. ASME 019 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, October 2018, to appear
  2. S. Kumar, A. Mohammadi, R.D. Gregg, N. Gans, “Limit Cycle Minimization by Time-Invariant Extremum Seeking Control,” Proc. American Controls Conference, July 2019
  3. K. Fathian, D. Rachinskii, M.W. Spong, T.H. Summers, N. Gans, “Distributed Formation Control via Mixed Barycentric Coordinate and Distance-Based Approach,” Proc. American Controls Conference, July 2019
  4. K. Fathian, S. Safaoui , T.H. Summers, N. Gans, “Robust 3D Distributed Formation Control with Collision Avoidance and Application to Multirotor Aerial Vehicles, Proc.  International Conference on  Robotics and Automation, May 2019