PIRT at SIGGRAPH LiveBlog Day 4


Monday, August 10th – 5:20 pm PDT

A steady stream of visitor traffic into our booth this afternoon (including a surprise visit from my MOM!). We are meeting guests who are learning about the Quilt for the first time, and we’re noticing guests are particularly drawn towards the AIDS Quilt Touch Table Browser, fascinated by the ability to look at the Quilt in its entirety (macro level), or at a panel on an individual (micro) level. We’re hearing more amazing, touching, heartbreaking, and inspiring stories. Getting ready to wrap things up for today in our booth, but we’ll be back shortly for the SIGGRAPH Reception. Keep an eye out for tweets from our team from the SIGGRAPH Reception event around 8pm PDT.

Monday, August 10th – 11:20 am PDT

Definitely a spike in attendance today inside Hall G, which includes more new visitors to our booth. We’re pleased to see some familiar faces from yesterday who’ve stopped by to say hello and share more stories with us. It feels very communal here. We’re showing our guests around the Quilts and also assisting where needed with our guest’s experiencing our technologies. The AIDS Quilt Touch Table Browser looks stunning.


Monday, August 10th – 10:30 am PDT

A post from research assistant Letícia about some of our research methods:

Before coming to SIGGRAPH, the team had a whole plan about how we could use this opportunity to get feedback on the AIDS Quilt Touch Digital Experience interface, and to also measure in some way our guest’s awareness about AIDS and the associated emotional impacts. We prepared some user tests and were ready to use them yesterday. However, after a day of talking to people who have deep emotional connections with the Quilt, some tests looked inappropriate, almost senseless. We are now working on better approach to get feedback, that are consistent with our visitors and their experiences. That is one of the most interesting parts of the research process: being able to plan, experience the situation and modify the approach to be more consistent with your project’s purpose. Grateful for this experience, hope more changes and insights come by the next days!

Monday, August 10th – 9:50 am PDT

Good morning from SIGGRAPH! We are pleased to be joined in the booth by School of Media Studies Dean Anne Balsamo who is one of the principal investigators for our team along with Dale MacDonald. We’re excited to begin our second day of exhibiting, and we’re looking forward to meeting and sharing more stories with those interested in the Aids Memorial Quilt.