About Us

  • In the Language in Motion lab clinicians and researchers work together to learn about language, speech, and motor abilities in early childhood.  Click here to learn about our team.
  • Our work focuses on children who show typical language development as well as those with communication difficulties, including developmental language disorder (DLD; also known as specific language impairment), speech sound disorders, and childhood apraxia of speech. Our goal is to use our findings to develop powerful interventions for children with language and speech difficulties.
  • When children come to our lab, they are junior scientists who help us learn about their speech, language, hearing, and motor development. The little girl in this photo is doing one of our speech experiments. She is wearing sensors that track her speech movements. Over 500 young children have helped us in the lab!
  • In one of our current projects, we are studying how children learn patterns from their environment and how this affects their speech and language development. We are interested in patterns learned with the mouth (e.g., speech and language) and with the hands (e.g., gesture and music).
  • Check our research page for current studies.

We hope you enjoy our website. Here at the Language in Motion lab, we are committed to sharing our work and engaging with our community. We encourage you to contact us for further details.