A. Function

The FUSION Advisory Board shall be composed of selected individuals with extensive applicable experience in strategic development and management of technology development and commercialization programs or corporate entities. It shall, in general, be responsible for advising the FUSION Program Manager on strategic and management issues; and have primary responsibility for fostering activities to accelerate the commercial application of research results produced by the FUSION program.

B. Membership

The membership of the Board shall consist of:

1. Senior management representation from selected consortium industry member companies;
2. Senior management representation from the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and other selected IHE participants;
3. A representative of the University of Texas System office responsible for overseeing technology transfer; and
4. The North Texas Regional Center for Innovation and Commercialization (NTXRCIC).

Additional members may be added at the discretion of the Board to facilitate its ability to execute its functions.

C. Sponsorship

As fiscal agent for the Texas Emerging Technology Fund ‘Research Matching’ grant for the FUSION program, UTD will sponsor the Board and be financially responsible for any pre-approved expenses incurred in the execution of the Board’s functions.

D. Responsibilities

The Board may, from time to time, define and adjust its specific responsibilities and associated activities; but shall always retain primary responsibility for:

1. Oversight of the management structure of the overall FUSION program including:

a. Periodic program reviews and advice to the Program Manager on management matters
b. Addition or deletion of participating members of the consortium; and
c. Relationship with the Texas Emerging Technology Fund.

2. Development of comprehensive and systematic processes and activities to accelerate the commercialization of research results obtained by the FUSION program. Such activities shall be timely and include:

a. Those within the membership if the FUSION consortium; and
b. Occasions/activities/publications to make such results available to potential commercial appliers outside the FUSION consortium.

E. Members

Name Title Affiliation
Maria Smith Executive Director NTX RCIC
Freddie Carroll Director NTX RCIC
Jim Von Ehr Founder and President Zyvex Labs
Bruce Snider Vice President Raytheon
Jin ho Ahn Professor COSAR Representative
Jim Watson Associate VP UTSW
Gerry Mills Consultant/Investor Rau Technologies, LLC
Bhabendra Pradhan Chief Technical Officer Military Tech
Robert Robb VP for Technology & Commercial UTD
Bryan Allison Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs UT System
Andy Blanchard Vice Provost UTD
Bruce Gnade Vice President for Research UTD
Matt Blanton Director Star Star Tech
George Barber Venture Partner Trailblazer Capital
Phil Drayer FUSION Board Chair Kalydus
Mike Lockerd FUSION Board Vice Chair NTX RCIC
Keith McDowell Vice Chancellor for Research UT System