Robert J. Stern

Research Scientist-Faculty
ROC 2.301H

He is also interested in generating educational animations and videos of geoscientific processes, for example Plate Tectonics Basics .Robert J. Stern is Professor of Geosciences and Director of the Global and Magmatic Research Laboratory. He has more than 40 years of geoscientific research experience and has study active convergent margin processes and products in the Mariana arc system in the Western Pacific as well as ancient  (900-550 million year old) crust exposed in the Arabian-Nubian Shield of Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel. He is expert on the geology of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the geology of Iran, and has made important contributions to the geology of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.  These studies involve research at sea and on land.  Geodynamic contributions include ideas about how new subduction zones form and the evolution of Plate Tectonics. He and his co-authors have published more than 200 papers in the peer-reviewed scientific literature; more information about these can be found at on Google Scholar.

Link to: International Geology Review