Group Members

Julia Chan

Professor, Principal Investigator

Professor Julia Chan (B.S. Chemistry, Baylor University; Ph.D. Chemistry, University of California at Davis) began her faculty appointment at Louisiana State University Fall 2000, after spending two years as a National Research Council Postdoctoral Associate at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory. She is currently a professor at The University of Texas at Dallas and her research effort is focused on the synthesis, crystal growth, and characterization of novel quantum materials. Prof. Chan has published over 175 papers and given over 125 invited talks. She has graduated 20 Ph.D. students and has mentored over 40 undergraduates in her laboratory. Her awards include NSF Career Award, American Crystallographic Association Margaret C. Etter Early Career Award, Baylor University Outstanding Alumni Award, Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, Iota Sigma Pi Agnes Fay Morgan Award, American Chemical Society Exxon Mobil Faculty Fellowship in Solid State Chemistry and one of 12 Profiled in 2002 C&E News series on “Women in Chemistry”, highlighting women making an impact in the chemical sciences. She has served on the Editorial Advisory Board of Chemistry of Materials and Inorganic Chemistry, and currently a Deputy Editor for Science Advances (AAAS).

972.883.3595 BSB 11.530

Justin B. Felder

Postdoctoral Associate

Ph.D. Chemistry, 2018 University of South Carolina

Milana C. Thomas

Postdoctoral Associate

B.S. Xavier University, Ph.D. The University of Texas at Dallas, Fall 2018

Ashley Weiland

Graduate Student

B.S. Chemistry, 2017 Duquesne University

Daniel Tague

Graduate Student

B.S. Chemistry, 2018 Keene State College

Rania Qabbani

Graduate Student

B.S. Chemistry, George Mason University


David Chaparro


Lucas Eddy


Alexis Dominguez


Former PhD Members

Katherine Benavides

Ph.D., August 2018

B.S. Chemistry, 2014 Auburn University

Iain Oswald

Ph.D., August 2017

University of North Texas

Steve Deese

Ph.D., December 2016

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory – NRL

Joint with Prof. Jayne Garno

Pilanda Watkins-Curry

Ph.D., August 2015

B.S. Chemistry, 2011 Spelman College


LaRico J. Treadwell

Ph.D., December 2014

Sandia National Laboratory

Bradford W. Fulfer

Ph.D., August 2013

Gregory Morrison

Ph.D., August 2013

University of South Carolina

Devin C. Schmitt

Ph.D., May 2013

R&D Lead Scientist & Program Manager at Cabot Microelectronics

Michael Kangas

Ph.D., December 2012

W. Adam Phelan

Ph.D., May 2012

Research Scientist and Associate Director of the PARADIM Crystal Growth Facility at  The Johns Hopkins University

Melissa C. Menard

Ph.D., December 2011

Brenton L. Drake

Ph.D., December 2011

Kandace Thomas

Ph.D., December 2010

Edem Okudzeto

Ph.D., December 2009

Jung Young Cho

Ph.D., December 2008

Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology

Dixie Gautreaux

Ph.D., August 2008

Jasmine Millican

Ph.D., May 2007

Evan Thomas

Ph.D., December 2006

Willa Williams

Ph.D., August 2006

Robin Macaluso

Ph.D., December 2004

The University of Texas at Arlington

Former Undergraduates

Joseph Schacherer


Keaton Barron

Undergraduate Student

Anthony Samuel

B.S. Chemistry 2017

The University of Texas at Dallas

Joe Burnett

Ph.D. Student

Mathematical Sciences

B.S. Physics, 2017

M.S. Mathematics 2017

The University of Texas at Dallas