Partnerships/Collaborations; Gifts/Donations:
The BLL is always looking to extend its reach and impact within the larger DFW community and beyond.

If you are inspired by the work of the BLL, and want to either (a) explore possibilities to partner/collaborate in future research, or (b) provide a private gift or donation to support the ongoing work of the BLL, please email us at:

Bilingual children and their families are our passion! If you would like to participate in the BLL’s ongoing work, or have any questions about participating, please email us at:

Two young girls smiling

If you are interested in joining the BLL, volunteer and work-study positions are available! Please download the BLL application: Spanish-English version, Arabic-English version. If you have any questions, please email us at:

(Some) Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Orthographic transcription of narrative language samples in Spanish and English.
  • Collecting language samples in Spanish and English.
  • Administering speech and language clinical screenings in Spanish and English.
  • Interviewing families in Spanish and English.

Working in The Bilingual Language Lab means you will have to make the following commitments:

  • Able to travel to Callier Center in Dallas on a weekly basis
  • Able (ideally) to register for 3 credits of directed research during your first semester
  • Able (ideally) to conduct research in the BLL for a minimum of 2 consecutive semesters

If you want to earn academic credit, Dr. Rojas will need to sign a form that you will obtain from your Academic Advisor.