Graduate Students

Dr. Swanson is accepting graduate students (both Master’s and Doctoral) for the Fall 2020-2021 academic year. Dr. Swanson only takes MS students from the Psychological Sciences program. She primarily takes PhD students from the Psychological Sciences program, but when appropriate,  it is possible for students to apply to the Communication Sciences and Disorders or the Cognition and Neuroscience program.  Interested students should contact Dr. Swanson directly at

Undergraduate Students

Dr. Swanson will be accepting undergraduate students for the Fall 2020 semester. Students will work closely with graduate students and research assistants in a collaborative environment. Projects include behavioral coding of video tapes, annotation of audio tapes, and quality control of imaging data. Eligible students are encouraged to apply to the BBS Honors Program. Students may volunteer for their first semester in the lab, but in subsequent semesters they are strongly encouraged to take either Thesis Research (PSY 4397), Directed Research (PSY 4V98), or Independent Study (PSY 4V99). A minimum 1-year commitment is required, but a longer commitment is preferred and will allow the student to get the most out of the experience (e.g., posters).  The deadline for submitting applications for the Spring 2020 semester has closed. Interested students can fill out the application for the Fall 2020 semester here.